Online Grocery Stores

For Grocery Stores

It’s time to put your grocery store online. With the growing list of competitors in the market, all looking for a superior reason to go with it, Online Shopping and Online Grocery Ecommerce Store are booming the market nowadays. So must choose the Fast, secure and reliable eCommerce web development platform & services. A good grocery store eCommerce website can turn your business into an online store, where customer can order groceries or anything you sell at your store.

At Anogaa, our expert web developer’s team will create eCommerce Grocery store that could give your customer flawless experience from the moment when they land on the website. We will evaluate the products and develop a smooth shopping interface designed to convert more customers/ visitors to product buyers.

Our Expert, Web development team, ensures to meet every criterion for online store development services.

Anogaa services for grocery stores Offers

For Users-

  • Easy to use Navigation & Engaging Interface

  • Multiple Product Image for real-life feeling

  • Smooth Check out Process

  • Streamline Search for categories 

  • Proper order tracking modes

The Owners

  • Easy order Tracking

  • Offers & Discount Management

  • Easy Online Payment Method Integration

  • Easy to Monitor eCommerce Analytics

Online Food Delivery

Restaurants & Take Away

At Anogaa,  We help Restaurants gain more Business & grow. We help our clients grow, by showing them the power of implementation of the digital marketplace.


Make A Restaurant Website is definitely a good & necessary decision. If you have a restaurant and don’t have a digital presence then you might lose some of the potential customers. Even if you have a website but it's not so much attractive design and is not responsive then this might be the cause of concern too. For customer Online & Offline serving experience should be same and delightful. Anogaa Restaurant website Development Company ensures you to serve the best quality with the enormous restaurant theme layout.

Our Expert web developer’s team ensures to draft a perfect layout for every restaurant type theme. We carry out high-quality Restaurant Website Design to help them increase brand exposure and stands ahead of their competitors.

Anogaa services for Restaurant Website design Offers

  • Commercial advantage

  • Convenient for Client as well as you

  • Get More Orders

  • Online reservation

  • Food Photo Gallery showcase

  • Lunch/Dinner Menus

  • Save staff Time.

  • Negligible order errors

  • Reach more Customers

  • Online card payment

  • Easy & fast setup

Online Tutors

For Tution & Mock Exams

At Anogaa, with years of vast experience, in-depth domain expertise, and technical know-how, we can create an innovative way to deliver the best websites design for Tutors. To have your well designed and developed website is an ideal way to show your establishment, whether you’re an existing institution or building your education brand from the ground up. At Anogaa Highly Expert Web developers know very well that what vision will opt for website development for tutors.


Having Top class education website design service will provide you with a clean layout, attractive images and engaging features.


Let’s more enhance your area of expertise, i.e., Education, a website should support the overall objective. Making a smart decision boost brand image and elevate the overall appeal for both prospective students and Tutors.


Website Design For Tutors is an essential part of any coaching institute, despite the type of knowledge offered or the desired Audience that you are trying to reach. When it comes to Website Design for 11 plus exam Tutors then, it’s time to bring in an expert to bring your vision to life. Connect with our Expert web developer’s team ensures and start creating a website that’s honour roll worthy.

For Tutors We Offer

  • Tutors Profile Creation

  • Arrange lessons

  • Payment Features

  • Message functionality

  • Course Module setting

  • Live Sessions

  • Tutors Profile Customization

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  • Pinterest
  • Tumblr Social Icon
  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
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  • LinkedIn

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