Best E commerce platforms to build your E commerce store

With this ongoing era of COVID19, People start avoiding going out of markets which in turn hit almost all businesses. So to cope up with this challenging time one should start thinking innovative. Selling online is the best solution to this difficult situation. The best part is that online selling is not that hard as everyone thinks, simply build an online store, list all your products, promote well your business & done.

“E-commerce is a powerful means to connect the unconnected to global trade ‘’.Build a successful online business start-up starts with selecting the best eCommerce platform. Below are some utmost important features an E-Commerce platform should have

  • Good Modern look with customization for all products

  • Integration of different payment processors & able to handle domestic/ international sales.

  • Able to handle manage orders, shipping & tracking inventory

  • Run-on a single, unified platform offers a complete customer view

  • Provide superior customer experiences

  • Support bottomless expansion

  • Site security

There are several platforms available in the market to build upon an e-commerce store but you need to understand your requirements first then go for choosing the right platform for you. We have listed some available platform:

Open Source: Websites self-host, like wordpress.Org, are where you pay to put your website online. Costly, but ultimately you own your website and you can make customizations .you can fix it if a problem occurs.

Hosted: It is all in one package. Let's design using a website builder like Wix, Big-commerce, Shopify. etc. Hence, the cost of hosting is included in your monthly fee and the platform will fix any issues that may arise.

Mixed: Mixed hosting is where you take a self-hosted platform and integrate elements of hosted platforms. For example, using Shopify’s plug-in for Word Press.

Different eCommerce platforms offer different features and prices. Every business has its combination of needs, budget, and manpower that dictates which online retail application works best for them. Whichever route you rely on when building your website, always think about the below factors carefully:

  • The Ecommerce platform you choose must ensure your website is constantly updated and managed

  • Should choose a good web hosting

  • Must have Intuitive and seamless payment processors and shopping cart

  • Good for customer service and user experience

  • Must Ensure security for your site and customers’ data

You should implement the first setting-up of your website diligently, especially looking for your website’s foundation. At Anogaa we provide you top-notch eCommerce website development services along with the best guidance of product inventory control etc.

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